4 wavelength SHR diode laser

  • SHR diode laser hair removal with 4 wavelengths: 760 NM + 808 NM + 940 NM + 1064 NM
  • Diode laser, alexandrite laser & Nd:YAG laser wavelength combined
  • Integrated ICE cooling system (down to -10°C)
  • Skin type 1 - 6 treatable
  • Applicator with up to 20 million pulses
  • No pulse block integrated (!)
  • Incl. device training in theory & practice
  • Incl. personalized marketing package (flyer, vouchers, roll up, social media)

Permanent hair removal in cosmetics: Smooth & hair-free thanks to the latest technologies

Permanent hair removal is one of the most sought-after services in the cosmetics industry today. It enables women and men alike to permanently say goodbye to unwanted hair growth. Thanks to advanced technology, effective methods are available that promise long-lasting results and eliminate the need for daily shaving or epilation. Below we take a look at some popular methods for permanent hair removal in cosmetics.

Laser hair removal: Laser hair removal is one of the most well-known and proven methods. Focused light is simultaneously transmitted to the hair follicles and the surrounding proteins, which leads to permanent damage to the roots or causes them to become desolate due to the inactivity of the proteins. This method is suitable for a wide range of skin and hair types. Several sessions are required to achieve optimum results, as different growth phases need to be treated.
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light): IPL is practically the predecessor method to laser epilation. It uses broadband and high-energy light, which is why permanent depilation is comparatively painful and takes longer. IPL devices are available both in beauty salons and for home use.
Electroepilation: In electroepilation, fine needles are electrically charged and inserted into the follicles to destroy them. This method is particularly effective at removing fine and light-colored hair, but can be more painful than other procedures. Several sessions are also required.
Commercially available depilatory creams: In addition to the techniques mentioned above, there are also creams and products on the market that are designed to inhibit hair growth. These can be used in combination with other methods to improve results and slow down hair regrowth.

Regardless of the method chosen, it is important to consult qualified hair removal professionals to minimize potential risks and side effects. Choosing the right procedure depends on various factors, such as skin type, hair color and personal preference.

Permanent hair removal has made life easier for many people by saving them time-consuming daily shaving. It enables a smooth appearance without annoying hairs and thus increases self-confidence and well-being. However, before making a decision, we recommend a thorough consultation with an expert to find the most suitable option for individual needs.

SHR diode laser as a tried-and-tested hair removal device

In recent years, hair removal with a diode laser has established itself as a popular and effective method of reducing annoying body hair in the long term. Compared to conventional methods such as waxing or shaving, the diode laser offers numerous advantages. It works by emitting high-energy light to the hair follicles, which is absorbed by the dark melanin in the hair, thereby damaging it. As the laser targets the melanin, the skin remains unharmed, making this method safer.

A decisive advantage of permanent hair removal with the diode laser is its long-lasting effect. In contrast to temporary shaving, the hair that grows back after each session grows back thinner and weaker and can eventually fall out completely. As a result, a long-term reduction in hair density can be achieved.

However, the durability of these results depends on various factors, such as hair type, color and individual skin characteristics. Dark coarse hair with a lot of melanin usually responds best to treatment with the diode laser. Blonde or gray hair with less melanin may not be treated as effectively.

Another plus point is the comparatively low pain sensation during the procedure. Modern devices have integrated cooling mechanisms that cool the skin during treatment and minimize possible discomfort. It is important to note that several sessions are usually required for permanent hair removal with the diode laser in order to achieve optimal results. The number of sessions required varies depending on individual requirements and the area to be treated.

Before deciding on hair removal with a diode laser, you should seek advice from a qualified specialist. A precise skin analysis and the determination of individual skin and hair characteristics are crucial in order to achieve the best possible results and minimize possible risks. Overall, permanent hair removal with a diode laser offers a modern and efficient method for the long-term reduction of annoying body hair and the achievement of smooth, hair-free skin.

Our 4 wavelength SHR diode laser: 4D permanent hair removal without compromise

The 4D SHR diode laser is a revolutionary system that makes permanent hair removal possible from just 4 sessions. Compared to IPL devices and other methods of apparatus-based hair removal, the diode laser technology is particularly impressive due to its speed and efficiency. With the powerful and unique 4 wavelengths of 755 NM, 808 NM, 940 NM and 1064 NM, the hair removal laser is suitable for all skin and hair types. The alexandrite wavelength is particularly suitable for fine and light hair, while the golden diode hair removal wavelength is the perfect choice for anyone looking for thorough hair removal. The Yag wavelength is ideal for dark or tanned skin types.

Our 4 wavelength hair removal laser is not only powerful, but also incredibly lightweight and easy to use. The applicator is particularly lightweight and allows the user to perform longer treatments with ease. The device also features integrated skin contact cooling (ICE), which ensures a relaxed and comfortable treatment experience. Laser hair removal has never been so comfortable and efficient at the same time!

One of the outstanding features of the 4 dimensional diode laser is that it can be used on all skin types (1-6). In addition to treating different skin types, the SHR laser is also effective on any hair structure. Fine, thin hairs or coarse, thick hair structures – the laser removes them all effectively and permanently.

SHR diode lasers from WELLCOTEC, the expert for apparative cosmetics & medical beauty

With our 4-wavelength SHR diode laser, we not only provide you with a revolutionary technology for permanent hair removal, but also with the high-quality and ISO-certified business processes of our company, which have been checked and confirmed by DEKRA and the German Society for Accreditation for years. As an expert in apparative cosmetics & medical beauty with many years of expertise, we always strive to offer our customers the best service: Expert advice, intensive and certified training in theory and practice, print and digital marketing as well as technical support.

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Buy our SHR diode laser now or pay in installments - without a down payment!

In cooperation with our leasing and financing partners, we offer you the opportunity to purchase our SHR diode laser at flexible leasing conditions. This saves you higher investment costs and, thanks to the lucrative installments, you can work profitably from the very first month.

The term of the lease is flexible and no down payment is required. However, the prerequisite for this type of commercial leasing is always an existing business with a good credit rating. As a service, we offer you a free and non-binding preliminary leasing check.

Things to know about permanent hair removal

For whom is permanent hair removal suitable?

Permanent SHR laser hair removal is suitable for anyone who wants to permanently eliminate annoying hair growth. Thanks to the latest hair removal technologies, especially by means of SHR laser or SHR diode laser, all skin types and hair colors can now be treated. Thus, permanent hair removal of the present is possible without restrictions for both women and men. However, the person concerned should be at least of age to ensure that there are no (pubertal) hormonal changes at the time of treatment that could affect the treatment outcome.

What are the notable methods and technologies for permanent hair removal in general?

A distinction is made between IPL devices and SHR lasers or diode lasers for permanent hair removal. Although electro-epilation procedures are also accessible on the market, IPL devices and laser technology as their successor have proven to be the most sustainable in recent decades.

SHR laser hair removal uses special wavelengths of high-frequency light that are sent specifically to the hair roots. Alexandrite, diode or Nd:YAG lasers (now also combined as triple technology, known as 3-wavelength SHR lasers or 3D hair removal lasers) are the most commonly used and ensure permanent removal of unwanted hairs by converting energy into heat, which obliterates the follicle and thus leads to the death of the hair. A renewed formation of the hair root is usually no longer possible afterwards. With only a few days after the laser treatment, the treated hairs fall out and henceforth also do not grow back – a long-term success without pain or skin irritation with professional application.

This method is particularly suitable for the painless treatment of sensitive areas of the body, such as parts of the face, as well as many other areas of the body.
However, to achieve a completely hairless result, it takes about four to eight sessions within a period of one month between each treatment session to ensure best results.

Unlike the SHR laser method, which emits a single, focused wavelength (or in the case of 3-wavelength diode lasers, three focused, bundled wavelengths) in high concentration, IPL permanent hair removal devices use a high-energy flash lamp over a broad, unfocused wavelength spectrum of the xenon light source.

Unfortunately, this method is not suitable for people with light or gray hair; only with dark hairs and light skin color good results can be expected. In addition, this method is quite painful, as it uses single pulses of light at high energy.

The user selects suitable parameters such as wavelength, energy density and pulse duration/sequence individually for each patient according to their skin/hair condition – therefore an expert should always be consulted.

Laser hair removal devices for home - Does it make sense?

In a nutshell: No. If you want a really permanent hair removal, you should definitely visit a professional hair removal studio that also works with a high-quality and powerful device – ideally with a SHR laser or diode laser. Because in order to achieve success in permanent hair removal, the correct fine-tuning of the hair removal device in relation to the respective customer is essential. In the case of self-application in one’s own four walls by a layman, the tuning to one’s own skin & hair types, logically, cannot be carried out in a targeted manner.

In addition, in the field of permanent hair removal, it is equally important that the device used meets certain performance standards, so that targeted heating of the hair follicles or subcutaneous tissue can be ensured. Due to the size of certain technical components, such as the energy generator or even the cooling system, promising hair removal lasers cannot be designed as a small handheld device – like the majority of home devices.

Will I receive training at WELLCOTEC when I purchase an ICE diode laser?

Yes, we will train you intensively in theory and practice when you buy or lease an ICE diode laser. Because it is of course our concern that you can work professionally and purposefully with our hair removal device – also in the sense of your customers. The training can take place at your site, at our site or partly online. Your entire team can participate in the laser training. We have been training in permanent hair removal for over 20 years.

Does WELLCOTEC also offer NiSV training for the ICE diode lasers in the area of "optical radiation"?

As a distributor of apparative cosmetics or ICE diode lasers, we are prohibited by law from offering NiSV training for them for reasons of unfair competition and lack of (device) neutrality. Therefore, in the interest of our customers, we have endeavored to enter into an intensive cooperation with BAGA, the largest and most professional provider of NiSV training in Germany. Thus, our customers have the opportunity to book discounted NiSV training courses through us at BAGA on the one hand, and on the other hand we offer interesting and financially lucrative NiSV equipment packages for the specialist module “Optical Radiation”.

Can I lease or finance the ICE diode lasers from WELLCOTEC?

Through our various financing & leasing partners, you can conveniently pay off our ICE diode lasers in monthly installments at the most favorable conditions. Installment payments can be made without a down payment and for various terms, from 36 to 60 months. Upon request, we will be happy to provide you with a free and non-binding leasing & financing offer.

Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 50 × 45 × 110 cm

SHR Laser / SHR Diode Laser


2 years device warranty


8.4" LCD Touch Screen


Electric cooling + Water cooling + Air cooling + Contact cooling (ICE)

Operating voltage

AC 110 – 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz

Device training

Included in theory & practice in the equipment price – online & on site


Marketing package consisting of personalized flyers, vouchers, XXL roll up and digital files included in the device price

Scope of delivery

1x F2000 PRO device body (base cabinet at extra charge), 2x laser user treatment goggles, 1x laser customer protection goggles, 1x box of U-Gel (15 bottles), 1x package of wooden spatulas

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