AMELES Pressotherapy device

  • Innovative pressotherapy / lymphatic drainage
  • Designed & manufactured in Italy
  • Reduction of lymphedema
  • Reduction of skin imperfections & cellulite
  • Relaxation of the musculature
  • Increase oxygen & blood supply in the body
  • Whole Body Drainage & Detoxification
  • Suitable for beauty newcomers & professionals
  • Including equipment training in theory & practice + marketing package
  • Flexible leasing & installment payment possible

From classical lymphatic drainage to apparative pressotherapy - for even more physical well-being

Lymphatic drainage is a form of massage therapy that helps increase the flow of lymphatic fluid in your body. This can help strengthen the immune system and remove toxins from the body, resulting in improved overall health. It has been used for centuries to relieve pain, swelling and fatigue and improve circulation.

The therapist applies light pressure and strokes the lymph nodes in the desired areas of the body. This stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid in these areas, moving waste away from the cells and to filters, which are then removed from the body naturally, such as through urination or sweating. Treatment is usually given over a period of several weeks or months, depending on the individual needs of the patient.

In principle, pressotherapy is an extended, apparative form of classical, manual lymphatic drainage. Pressotherapy is a non-invasive therapeutic technique widely used in clinical and aesthetic settings to promote proper lymphatic and venous circulation in the upper and lower limbs and to Reduce skin imperfections. Also known as intermittent pneumatic compression, this method improves the Function of the vascular and lymphatic system in the limbs and abdomen, drains body fluids, Provides the tissue with oxygen and removes toxins.

Pressotherapy works with a special pumping system equipped with air chambers. These chambers alternately swell and push the fluid from the ends of the limbs towards the center of the body, exerting a mechanical massage that stimulates the lymphatic and venous circulation and makes it more efficient.

Through pressotherapy, numerous health benefits can be achieved, which include promoting venous circulation and muscle relaxation , as well as reducing swelling in the extremities. It turns out that pressotherapy is not only effective against cellulite, but is also of great help in the treatment of chronic lymphedema. The application of pressotherapy can effectively reduce blood stasis in vessels or poorly perfused areas of the body, thereby relieving pain. The first successes in the treatment of lymphedema can be achieved after only 2 weeks, as scientific studies have shown.

Pressotherapy can also bring about significant improvements in edema and its symptoms after just one month of use. The main advantages of pressotherapy in this regard are the reduction of swelling, the improvement of lymphatic and venous circulation, and the prevention of stagnation of substances in the tissues of peripheral areas. In addition, pressotherapy can also strengthen the muscles, which leads to an immediate feeling of well-being and relief from pain.

The AMELES pressotherapy device reinvents pressotherapy

Thanks to the continuous work of the MANTIS research and development department, we are proud to present exclusively a new and modern wellness concept. AMELES is the latest invention of sequential press drainage massage or pressotherapy, which through a specific program helps to drain excess fluids from the body and reactivate blood circulation in the legs, abdomen and arms. Through the pneumatic massage AMELES helps to safely detoxify and oxygenate the tissues. detoxify and oxygenate the tissues. The intermittent action guarantees a profound hydroregulatory activity that reactivates cellular exchange.

The AMELES Pressotherapy device is highly user-friendly & easy to operate, giving the user a comprehensive overview of all relevant treatment parameters & settings in real time. In addition, the BASIC program offers pre-set treatment sequences, while the experienced user can adjust all settings individually to his customer in the course of the PROFESSIONAL program.

The innovative pressotherapy device from MANTIS works:

  • Multifunctional: 15 sectors that work in combination or individually with the SEAWAVE method, from the foot to the neck with decreasing compression but uniform.
  • Precise: thanks to the automatic detection system of arterial and venous blood pressure, Ameles performs effective and customized treatments, with the possibility of varying the pressure and the corresponding pause times.
  • Unique: The innovative ankle applicator can treat peripheral edema of the lower legs, whether cosmetic or traumatic, in a precise, effective and gentle manner. The exclusive triangular abdominal massager stimulates peristalsis with a special program.
  • Effective: the applicator for the cervical and lumbar spine guarantees a gentle and effective action on these areas, relieving nerve compression and providing immediate benefits and well-being.
  • Safe: Automatic detection system for venous and arterial pressure.

With AMELES you offer your clients the most modern and effective pressotherapy of its time. An increasing, physical well-being is noticeable with every single treatment – addiction potential guaranteed!

Pressotherapy device from WELLCOTEC, the market leader for Apparative Cosmetics & Medical Beauty

With our AMELES Pressotherapy device, we provide you not only with an advanced technology for whole-body detoxification, but also with associated high-quality and ISO-certified business processes of our company, which have been checked and confirmed for years by DEKRA and the German Association for Accreditation. As a market leader in Apparative Cosmetics & Medical Beauty with over 35 years of expertise, we always strive to offer our customers the best service: Expert advice, intensive and certified training in theory and practice, print and digital marketing, and technical support.

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Get to know device
Free consultation & treatment
Incl. device training
Theory & practice - online & on site
Incl. Marketing Package
Flyer, Roll Up & Digital Data
Technical service
Maintenance & Repairs
Buy Pressotherapy device now or pay off in installments - without down payment!

In cooperation with our leasing & financing partners, we offer you the possibility to purchase our AMELES Pressotherapy equipment at flexible leasing conditions. This saves you higher investment costs and, thanks to the lucrative rates, you are already working economically profitable in the first month.

The term of the lease can be selected flexibly, and no down payment is required. However, a prerequisite for such commercial leasing is always an existing business with a good credit rating. As a service, we offer you a free and non-binding leasing pre-audit.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 46 cm



Pressotherapy / Lymphatic drainage


1 – 100 mmHg


2 years device warranty


10.1" LCD Touch Screen

Application areas


Operating voltage

AC 110 – 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz

Device training

Included in theory & practice in the equipment price – online & on site

NiSV training

Not nowendig


Marketing package consisting of personalized flyers, vouchers, XXL roll up and digital files included in the device price

Scope of delivery

AMELES Equipment Body, Rollable Base, Full Body Suit

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